A new hope

6. october 2017 at 22:23 | Black Demon
It´s been a long time.
It´s been a long time and I felt so terribly tired and empty and life was not worth living. I felt dead and my feelings were numb and all faith and hope was lost.

I thought that I would continue to live like this, maybe till the end of my days, loveless and unloved, in a gray world that was tinged black at the edges.

Once, I was full of dreams and colours and I sang a song that nobody heard and the whole world turned its back and they´ve left me in the dark, in the cold. So I stopped singing and all the colours faded and it hurt so much, but I couldn´t see any other way.

So I changed my endless dreams for a dull company of the others, of the faceless mass and soon, I started to feel that I was turning faceless, too. It hurt, it hurt so much to have my dreams ripped right out of my chest and it hurt even more when I wanted to sing and realized that my voice was gone.
I bowed my head and carried on and the light in my heart was dying.

And then, suddenly, when I thought that all the magic and music was lost, I saw a bright light in the middle of a dark room. I saw a pure soul, untainted, a white fire made of dreams and ideas and I felt as something inside of my cold, cold chest has moved.

It was a star, a bright Sun and I found myself getting close, too close and its mass, its gravitation started to pull me closer and I knew that I was doomed, but I couldn´t help myself.

Suddenly, the world is full of colours once again and I have found my voice and I sing a song my Sun can hear. And I became his satellite, I am close enough to feel his warmth and light, but not close enough to burn with him.

I am Icarus, trying to fly into the Sun, even though I know that I will burn.

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1 secondme secondme | Web | 8. october 2017 at 21:32 | React

I love it and I'm happy for you that you found your voice again :)

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