Will to live

8. october 2017 at 19:45 | Black Demon |  prose
There were times when I believed that everyone had a reason to be here.
When I thought that everyone had a role they play in this world and I desperately wanted to discover the one that belonged to me.
But then I grew older and I still hadn´t heard my calling. I grew older and I noticed that there are many people who don´t play any roles.
And that was when I realized that life is not a play, that there is no script and that we all just walk around aimlessly, without order, without a goal, trying to find a higher plan where there is none.

So what is our reason to live, why do we carry on? Why do we still wake up in the morning and go about our days even though we know, deep in our minds, that nothing will every make sense and that once, at some point in the future, not only we will die, but the Sun itself will explode and our planet will be gone and there will be no traces of our lives.

Why do we still carry on.
Why do we still hang on to life.
Why won´t we just give up.

Because we have dreams.
Because we have choosen to believe that there actually is a higher power. That there is something, a god, a cosmical power, fate, the Universe, whatever - something that cares about us, something that holds the world in order.
Something that tells us that things don´t happen just by accidents, that we don´t meet people without a cause and that in the end, everything will make sense.

And when you choose to believe, when you believe in something very, very badly, these things have tendency to come true.
And because of that, I believe, I believe that I have a purpose, that I mean something, that I matter and that one day, one day all secrets will be revealed.
And it doesn´t even matter if that day won´t come till the day I die, because as long as I believe, my life will have a purpose and I will have a reason.

I will have a will to live and carry on.

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1 Magicmax Magicmax | Web | 8. october 2017 at 20:16 | React

I like a dream. :)

2 secondme secondme | Web | 8. october 2017 at 21:28 | React

Maybe we don't know the sense, but that might maybe the sense. That we simply don't know and we should enjoy what we have now. :-)

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